Aiming continuously since 1983, SARP Jeans family has been working on sustainability since 2009. Our company, which has taken many steps in environmental, social and economic terms during the studies, constantly aims to grow in every field within the sectoral structure.

In this context, until 2023 in our business;

  • Carrying out carbon footprint calculations for each product,
  • Carrying out carbon footprint checks of our suppliers while trying to reduce our own impacts to zero,
  • Increasing our sustainable export rate from 87% to 95%,

and in our business until 2025;
To become a self-sufficient enterprise in the field of energy

  • It is in line with our goals to convert all vehicles connected to our business to electric vehicles.

Adding Value to the Denim Industry
Since 2009, we have been a part of this sustainable journey to produce sustainable products and create a better world for humanity, and we have made many practices in this regard.We have increased the number of our products with sustainable stories every year.During this process, many new machines and
chemicals have been developed and researched to help us reduce our impact on the environment. As the SARP Jeans family, we have always been a pioneer in the sector inusing these technologies to reduce our water & energy & chemical use. In 2021, 87% of our production consisted of sustainable products. Our biggest goal is to increase this number every year and eventually become a company that does not produce even one piece of clothing conventionally.