As SARP Jeans, it is our most important vision to achieve sustainable growth by producing pioneering and innovative products in the apparel industry. With this vision, we have reached an important milestone in our sustainability journey, which we started in 2009, by calculating the greenhouse gas emissions from our operations for the first time in 2021. We think that these efforts are a small step for the future of our world, but a big step for our sustainability journey.
The goal of creating our sustainability report; is toinform our customers first and then all our stakeholders about our work.
I would like to summarize our work for 2021;

  • First of all, we started to make improvements (efficiency, quality, deadline, etc.) in our production processes.
  • We determined the environmental impacts of all our activities with the perspective that it would be impossible not to think in an environmental dimension while carrying out our improvement works in all our processes.
  • We have once again effectively evaluated the legal and customer requirements while identifying the relevant impacts.
  • We started to evaluate our products from a product lifecycle perspective and performed cradle to-door analyses.
  • We started to include our product and service suppliers in our projects.
  • We decided to create our first report for our customers.

We continued all these works with the awareness of protecting the occupational health of our employees during the period when the effects of the Covid 19 epidemic were very high.We can say that 2021 has been the foundation year of our sustainability journey, in which we experienced many firsts and by looking at many new concepts holistically.While completing our 2021 sustainability report, which includes our first sustainability goals and actions, we are also determining our strategic priorities from 2022 in a way that will support the
sub-goals of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and be formed within the framework of the EU Green Agreement.In order to realize our responsibilities within the framework of our mission and vision; We will manage data management, innovative infrastructure
and digitalization more effectively in all of our processes. I would like to thank all of our employees, business partners, customers and shareholders who have stood by us in our work and contributed to our efforts to create a sustainable world during thischallenging period.
With all respect,