As seen in the table, the fight against climate change and the transition to a low-carbon society, which ranks first in the World Economic Forum's Risk Perception
Survey, are among the most important challenges of the current period.

The Green Deal roadmap, announced by the European Union in 2019, includes the actions to be taken to reach zero emissions by 2050. The European Union has
officially announced that by 2030, it will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50-55% from 1990 levels.Our country signed the Paris Agreement in 2021 and started to launch similar targets to other signatory countries.

Approximately 45% of our country's exports are made to European countries. For this reason, our future plans should be shaped according to the risk perception of our world and within the scope of the EU Green Deal. Policies, laws and regulations to be created by our state, should be created in a way that will serve this current