One of our top priorities is to reduce the impact we've had on natural resources. Developing new technology and digitalization create new opportunities to reduce our environmental impact by using resources efficiently. We see it as our general principle to fully fulfill the legal regulations and customer requirements regarding
environmental management. Our environmental policy guides our activities. In this direction:

  • To consider the environmental demands of our customers, to comply with all national and local legal requirements related to our environmental aspects,
  • To reduce our water consumption by using or making use of new technologies.
  • To increase the amount of recovery and recycling while performing our production or activities
  • To continuously improve our environmental performance,
  • To ensure optimum use of our natural resources,
  • To raise environmental awareness and encourage all our employees, suppliers and customers in cooperation,
  • We are committed to establishing an economic and ecological balance by considering the environmental impact in our current and planned production activities.

In this direction, our 2022 goal is to have ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

If we summarize our environmental studies in 2021;

  • We have determined the environmental impacts of all our activities.
  • In determining the impacts, we once again effectively evaluated the legal and customer requirements.
  • We started to evaluate our products from a product lifecycle perspective and performed Cradle to Door analyses.
  • We started to include our product and service suppliers in our projects.

We decided to create our first report for our customers.

In 2021, we reduced our unit costs by 20% by using recycled and recycled products in ourproducts and services.

As SARP Jeans, it is of great importance to us that we have not received any environmental penalty since the beginning of our activity.