As SARP Jeans, we are aware of the need to evaluate these activities in social, environmental and economic dimensions in order to leave our beautiful world, which we have entrusted from future generations, as a more livable world while creating our products and carrying out our activities.
Our responsibilities in this context;

  • Respecting U niversal Human Rights
  • To realize the occupational health and safety of our employees above the legal requirements
  • Ensuring t hat there is no discrimination in recruitment and placement
  • To make positive discrimination to increase women's participation in business life

  • To be a pioneer in our industry
  • As an apparel business, constantly increasing our product quality
  • above customer expectations
  • Spreading our understanding of sustainability to our stakeholders and
  • making strategic projects with them

  • Reducing waste at source
  • To produce remedial projects in cooperation with our suppliers in order to reduce the amount of waste water generated during the formation of our product.
  • Raising awareness beyond legal and customer requirements to all our team and service providers
  • Reducing the emission of greenhouse gases from our activities
  • Using renewable energy sources
  • Choosing environmentally friendly products
  • Continuously improving our environmental performance
  • Monitoring the life cycle of our product