The City : Izmir

Izmir is Turkey’s second largest port (after Istanbul) and the capital of  Izmir province. Also known as Smyrna, the city is situated Agean Sea at the eastern extremity of the Gulf of Izmir.  It is sheltered harbor, it is easy to access to hinterlands, the air and rail communications serving the city have all combined to make Izmir one of the most active and prosperous of Turkey’s cities. The provience of Izmir is one of the richest agricultural regions of Turkey. Its fruits, tobacco, cereals, other products are among the country’s important exports. Also, beautiful beaches and summer locations Cesme, Kusadasi ,Bodrum are interesting  for local and foreign tourists.

Environment Management

Demirışık has taken necessary precautions with the purpose of preventing environmental pollution and waste:
Employees are trained about environment.
Chemicals are used the least and in accordance with the related standards and properly.
Required precautions are taken in order to protect water and energy.
Waste matters are separately stored and delivered.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

Demirışık has taken necessary precautions in order to be able to present safe, hygienic and comfortable work environment to its employees:
All the employees are trained regarding Occupational Health and Safety. OHS handbook is always available and within reach of the employees.
First aid training is provided to the employees  in such a way that 1 person is assigned for each 10 people.
Drinkable water, toilet, resting areas, sports centers and food&beverage consuming areas are available.

Employment Policy

A company policy containing all policies regarding employment is available.
National legal standards and Industrial Comparative standards are complied with in minimum.
No child labor is employed.
Minimum age limit is 18.
Bottom wage is minimum wage.
Weekly working hours do not exceed  48 hours.
Weekly leave is at least 1 day.
No  obligatory or dependant labor is employed.
There is a freedom to leave the job presenting reasonable causes.

Integration to Society and Rehabilitation Of The Citizens Who Used to Be In Prison

Sarp Jeans is working for rehelibation and integration of the citizens who used to be in prison. This is a social responsibility for Sarp Jeans. Sarp Jeans works socialize those who need our support as a key opportunity. Sarp Jeans also establishes textile workshop facilities in prison.